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English Literary Club

Various literary activities and competitions are conducted like Extempore Speaking, Debates, Group Discussion, Just a Minute, Poem recitation, Puzzles and riddle, Bring and Brag, Fun with adjectives, Pronounation drill, Spello Quiz, Building tongue twisters, Jumbled words, Phonetics and Dramatics.


Hindi Literary Club

To improve the language, expression, spellings, creativity, writing and speaking ability various competitions like Picture composition, Debate, Story telling, Clay modeling, Poem recitation are organised. Activities like compose two positive sentences about your best friend, compose twenty sentences about your dream world.

Cooking Club
This activity is one that all kids really look forward to and one that all boys and girls enjoy. Our male teachers also join hands with the female teachers to teach the students some culinary skills. Creative cooking without flame like Ladoo making, salad making, sandwich making competition are organised from time to time.
Experimental Science Club
Different experiments based on topics covered in different classes like filtration, distillation, magnetism, air balloon & rocket mechanism.
Chai Kwang Do Club
This is an optional sports activity conducted by a part-time trained instructor trains the students in this form of Marshal Art.
Dramatics Club
Confidence building, tone modulation, removal of stage fear, depiction of emotions and acting is taught in the Dramatics Club. Small one-act plays and skits are performed on several occasions.
Creative Club
Creativity Club inspires artistic ability of the students and fosters innovative streak and aesthetic sense of students. This club is one of the most enthusiastic and active clubs that generates positive energy and changes the entire atmosphere of the school. It undertakes the entire decoration of the school with self-made glass paintings, hand made masks. Students perform activities like pot decoration, rakhi making, card making, decorating mehandi, jewellery making , drawing and colouring, decorating Lamp shade, Christmas props, kite making, block painting, fabric painting, origami etc.
Heritage Club
This club conducts talks & presentations related with the Journey of the Indian flag & map reading, puzzles, debates. The Environment and Social Science teachers use the Mexus Software, atlas, reference books and encyclopedias to create awareness among the students about our rich cultural heritage. Students are encouraged to see good programmes on History, Discovery and TLC channel.
Mathematics Club
It aims at making the learning of Mathematics fun based, enjoyable through multifarious activities and by giving a practical approach to it. To improve their Mathematical ability, reasoning, logic, analytical skills, various mental Maths games and worksheets are done during the academic year. The abacus, sticks, live models and charts are used to teach Maths through fun- loving exercises various Maths lab activities based on different topics like formation of 8 digit and 4 digit numbers, divisibility test, addition facts are conducted in this club.
Community and service Club
It strives to create awareness amongst students about the needs of the underprivileged sections of the society and inculcate the value of service above self by giving them first hand experience to help the destitute and contribute towards society positively. The students regularly visit old homes, orphanages, schools for differently-abled children in Bhuj and Gandhidham.
Nature and Adventure Club
It aims at building a healthy body and sound mind by providing them various opportunities to explore the countryside and mountains, developing qualities of leadership, punctuality, team spirit etc. It is organised by our Parent volunteer, Mr. Raja Daxini. This club organizes treks, rappelling, rope climbing, mountain climbing etc. to generate a spirit of adventure among students at a young age. Night camp was also organised for students of the middle school. Children cooked food and enjoyed games around the bonfire.
Environment Club
It creates awareness among the students about the various ways to protect the environment. We have applied the motto of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in various aspects of the school. The club regularly conducts assemblies, invite guest speakers, and show documentary movies and plants saplings in the vicinity. Middle school has made a compost pit and kept separate dustbins for bio-degrable waste.
Music Club
It provides opportunities for all students to create, play, perform, and enjoy music. At various school events our students display their talents by composing lyrics and playing various musical instruments, both traditional and modern. Students are taught vocal and semi classical music from Class I onwards. Bhajans, Shlokas, and ‘Ragas” are sung by the students of Junior and Senior Choir at special Assemblies. Our Music teacher Mr. Rutav Pathak has also trained students to play the Kongo, Keyboard, Tabla and Bansuri. These students are a part of the school orchestra.
Sports Club
It believes in developing sportsmanship and leadership qualities in every student. To do so we conduct and participate in various sports events held at school, district and divisional levels like Interschool basket ball, cricket, football and volleyball championships. Some of our students also participate in swimming events held at Gandhidham, Rajkot and Ahmedabad. Students have represented the school for table tennis and skating competitions also.