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Date of Birth

Date of Appointment

Trained/ Untrained

Probation/ Confirmed

Part Time

Ms. Kavita Tandon Economics M.A., B.Ed. Principal 26/2/1967 29/6/2006 Trained Confirmed  
  Ms. Bindu Nair Science B.Sc., B.Ed. Secondary Incharge 4/4/1969 3/7/2006 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Deepa Joshi Social Studies B.A., B.Ed. Primary Incharge 4/13/1971 8/17/2005 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Manisha Dave Eng,Psycology, Sanskrit  B.A. Eng, Psycology, PGDPPT Pre Primary Incharge 5/9/1976 4/1/2019 Trained Probation  
Senior Secondary
Ms. Priti Gupta Chemistry M.Sc. B.Ed. PGT 6/18/1971 8/4/2018 Trained Probation  
Mr. Hiren Arya Physical Education M.P. Ed. PTI 2/24/1975 2/1/2010 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Sarika Saxena English M.A. B.Ed.
PGT 20/5/1974 8/11/2010 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Bhavin Soni Business Studies & Accountancy M.Com.,  B.Ed. PGT 27/8/1985 2/5/2011 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Seryn Joseph Mathematics M.Sc., B.Ed. PGT 3/5/1969 10/5/2011 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Nita Dubey Computer M.C.A. PGT 31/12/1969 28/6/2011 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Bindu Varma Biology M.Sc., B.Ed. PGT 8/7/1971 9/4/2012 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Deepmala Ajbani Economics M.Com, B.Ed. PGT 13/10/1981 5/5/2012 Trained Confirmed  
 Ms. Puja Sharma  Physics  M.Sc., B.Ed.  PGT  22/3/1980  27/4/2015  Trained  Confirmed  


Ms. Vijay Kumari Mahavar Hindi M.A. B.Ed. TGT 1/10/1979 27/6/2005 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Gitanjali Hirole English B.Com. M.L.L. TGT 29/3/1974 4/10/2006 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Vandana Naik Sanskrit B.Sc. B.Ed. TGT 14/10/1972 7/1/2006 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Pankaj Shah Computer B.Com .C.I.C. I.T.I. TGT 26/12/1975 7/15/2006 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Rinku Sharma Hindi M.A.B.Ed.
TGT 1/3/1975 7/4/2017 Trained Probation  
Mr. Chirag Menghani
ME and Pursuing B.Ed.
Ms. Smriti Verma English M.A. B.Ed. TGT 21/08/1974 01/04/2021 Trained Probation  
 Ms. Sonika Pujary  Social Studies  M.Sc B.Ed
Ms. Arshi Kapoor
PRT 15/05/1973 1/4/2015 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Neeta Vidhani Dance B.Com. Upandhaya Visharad PRT (Dance)
14/6/1978 13/4/2009 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. A.Shiresha E.V.S. M.R. Sc.,  B.Ed. PRT 3/5/1979 20/6/2007 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Savita Kalyani E.V.S. B. Sc., B.Ed. PRT 1/3/1984 1/8/2012 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Jayalakshmi Chande English B.Com.  B.Ed. PRT 8/2/1977 3/7/2006 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Kajal Sharma English M.A. B.Ed. PRT 21/12/1984 28/6/2011 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Kusumlata Sharma Hindi B.P. Ed., M.A. B.Ed. PRT 2/3/1970 29/11/2004 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Anjana Shrivastav Hindi B.A. B.Ed. PRT 7/1/1968 5/4/2008 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Rupali Venkatesh Maths B.Com., B.Ed. PRT 23/5/1975 1/11/2008 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Mamta Kotak Maths M.Com. B.Ed.
PRT 12/7/1975 12/11/2010 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Harsha Mulchandani Maths B.Com. B.Ed. PRT 10/10/1975 1/8/2006 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Puja Nigam Maths & E.V.S. M.Sc., B.Ed. PRT 1/1/1979 5/4/2007 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Rutav Pathak Music B.A. in Vocal Music PRT 27/10/1973 1/8/2006 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Jyoti Tiwari Sanskrit & Hindi M.A. B.Ed. PRT 17/10/1975 1/2/2011 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Leena Joseph Science M.Sc. B.Ed. PRT 21/12/1978 1/4/2013 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Shagufta Khan English B.Com. B.Ed.
PRT 4/4/1973 26/9/2011 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Daksha Rajde English M.Com, N.T.T., B.Ed. PRT 2/11/1979 01/07/2013.    Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Mamta Pal English B.A. B.Ed. PRT 15/7/1972 6/8/2013. Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Mamta Garg Sanskrit & Hindi M.A. in Hindi,B.Ed. PRT   1/4/2014 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Mithlesh Pandey Computers M.C.A. B.Ed. PRT 15/2/1980 23/4/2014 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Jaimala Joshi Hindi M.A., B.Ed. PRT 18/5/1984 1/4/2015 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Trishna Tank English B.A., B.Ed. PRT 29/11/1978 28/6/2012 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Richa Chawda Hindi B.A. , B.Ed. PRT 31/12/1984 6/8/2012 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Lata Mehrotra Hindi B.Com. B.Ed. PRT 1/12/1979 4/10/2014 Trained Confirmed  
 Ms. Jiya Dalwani E.V.S.
 M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.  PRT 4//4/1986
 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Ritu Shivnani
Art & Craft
M.A., N.T.T
 Trained  Confirmed  
Ms. Sindhu Nair English B. Com, B. Ed. PRT 5/11/1980 7/1/2015 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Shilpy Gaur E.V.S., Maths &  Eng. M.Sc,B.Ed., M.Phil PRT 12/19/1976 7/2/2018  Trained Probation  
Mr. Varjang   Rabari  Physical Education B.A., B.P.Ed.,  PTI 12/15/1983 4/4/2019  Trained  Probation  
Ms. Khushboo Patel I.T. M.Sc. I.T.  PRT 8/24/1983 7/2/2018  Trained Probation  
Ms. Surbhi Sharma I.T. M.C.A.  PRT 8/24/1992 8/1/2018 Pursuing B.Ed. Probation  
Ms. Nita Bhalerao Maths D.I.C.E. PRT 5/26/1981 8/16/2018 Pursuing B.Ed. Probation  
Ms. Sangita Dave Maths B.Com PRT 1/2/1970 8/1/2018 Pursuing B.Ed. Probation  
Ms. Suhani Kedar E.V.S., &  Eng. B.B.A., B.Ed. PRT 9/23/1991 4/1/2019 Trained Probation  
Ms. Neha Manghnani Social Studies B. Com., B.Ed. PRT 5/20/1997 4/3/2019 Trained Probation  
Ms. Kiran Gianchandani
M.A. B.Ed.
Ms.Anagha Shrouty
Sanskrit & Hindi
 M.A. B.Ed.
Ms. Preeti Taneja
 M.A.  Counsellor -
 -  Trained Part Time
Pre -Primary
Ms. Rekha Singh L.K.G. M.A.  B. Ed. PPT 7/15/1978 8/1/2008 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Beena Ruparel L.K.G. B.Com., B.Ed PPT 11/10/1976 8/1/2009 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Meenakshi Sharma U.K.G. B.A. , N.T.T. PPT 3/23/1967 11/8/2010 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Asha Menon U.K.G. M.A., N.T.T.C. PPT 12/9/1975 11/1/2011 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Taruna Kapata L.K.G. M.A.  B.ED PPT 11/29/1986 4/1/2015 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Sukanya Pillai L.K.G. B.A., B. Ed. PPT 8/7/1987 8/13/2012 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Jigna Daxini L.K.G. B.A., B.Ed. PPT 12/12/1982 8/1/2012 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Pankti Tripati U.K.G. P.T.C., B.A., B.Ed. PPT 6/9/1979 11/22/2016 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Sunita Bhatia Playhouse B.Com., B.Ed PPT 7/13/1978 8/1/2014 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Deepika L.K.G. Pursuing M.Com PPT 8/11/1998 7/4/2018 Untrained Contract  
Ms. Supriya Kadam U.K.G. B.A. Eng. PPT 10/20/1986 4/3/2019 Untrained Contract  
Ms. Sneha Rathod 
Admin Staff
Ms. Jaya Hingorani  Librarian B.Com., Diploma in CA-CDDM, MLIS, P.C. Application From NIIT. PGT 1/7/1973 12/1/2004 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Mohsin Bayed Accounts Staff B.A., P.G.D.C.A PRT 10/8/1983 4/1/2012 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Sarumathy S. Accounts Staff M. Com. PRT 9/1/1985 7/25/2013 Trained Confirmed  
Mr.Vinod Sharma Estate Manager B.A. PRT 11/2/1971 4/5/2016 Trained Confirmed  
Lata Rajde   Asst. Librarian, Gujarati  B.Com PPT 9/6/1978  1/4/2017 Trained  Confirmed