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House System
The ancients believed the World to be composed of 4 basic elements. Our Houses are based on the 4 basic elements of nature - Fire, Sky, Air and Earth.
Anal symbolizes fire, the basic element necessary for mankind. Fire represents strength and energy. The children of this house are full of energy and strength and have the urge to do good work for the nation.
Anant meaning endless like the sky. The children of this house possess endless capabilities and have endless determination to reach the sky.
Anil meaning air, without which existence of mankind is impossible. The cool air is full of energy which gives life to everyone. The children of Anil house spread their fragrance and knowledge.
Avani meaning earth, the abode for human, plant and animal life. The earth carrying the entire load of mankind inspires us to be patient. The children of this house learn to overcome any obstacle with patience and progress towards achieving any targets.