Mrs. Kavita Tandon
- Principal

The children of this twenty first century are living in a world which is advancing into a global society and knowledge epoch. Students today are more cosmopolitan and scientific in outlook since they are exposed to innumerable sources of information. In the changing scenario it has become the moral duty of every educational institution to groom its students in a befitting manner.

To achieve this aim, Welspun Vidya Mandir, one of the few C.B.S.E. schools at Adipur, offers activities and courses that are dynamic and futuristic. Our exclusive curriculum and teaching methods are designed to promote a zest for learning. The child is whole heartedly ncouraged to express himself or herself orally and enhance writing skills which are essential for self development.


In the pre primary section the curriculum is a fine amalgamation of meaningful, learning-oriented work and lots of play. A variety of activities are offered which are enjoyable and creative. Class room sessions at the Primary and Secondary levels are interactive in nature. ssignments too are oriented towards sharpening the child’s skill, talent and personality. The curriculum includes suggestive reading material, from our well equipped library, visits and excursions to places of historic and religious importance and cultural programes This child - centered education brings out the creative ability in each child, channelizes his or her natural curiosity into healthy outlets and ensures competence and all round development. To enhance creativity various co-curricular acitvities are conducted to tap the child’s hidden potentialities.


The school is affiliated to the C.B.S.E. Our curriculum aims at high academic standards and this is done through the faculty members keeping in touch with development in the field of education. Seminars,Workshops, Training Programmes and Curriculum renewal projects are regular feature for the teaching faculty. The school maintains a close liaison with institutions like N.C.E.R.T., New Delhi and S.C.E.R.T


At Welspun Vidya Mandir, we realize that we not only need to sensitise the students to the rapid advancement of this century but more importantly sensitise them to the needs of the less privileged sections of the society. At the same time we need to sensitise our teachers to gauge the confused minds of the students of today.


Co-ordinated efforts on the part of the Management, teaching staff and parent community is the strength of the Welspun Vidya Mandir Family. Our common purpose is the student and together we strive to make the child a global citizen, a proud Indian and above all a good and sensitive human being.